About Metals Wire

We are a team of professional journalists and editors, for the last 7 years we launched dozens of internal and external projects and media for businesses in IT, telecom, fintech, accelerators, medicine and pharma, industry, banks, retail, etc. We have 64 professionals in our multinational team all over the world – and the thing we do best is content. 

In 2022 we decided to launch several new media outlets on the narrow specifics that are on demand. One of such topics is metals. So we gathered a new editorial team to provide comprehensive view on market, with firmly deep expertise, transparent and free from bias. This is how “Metals Wire” has started.

We are always open to the new authors and experts – for permanent or one-time collaboration for thematic columns. If you have a relevant expertise in metals, mining, investments, etc. and you feel we could be a good fit – please contact our editorial team.