Russian Metals Maker Vows Venturing into Powder Materials

Russian Metals Maker Vows Venturing into Powder Materials

Russian palladium group and base metals producer Nornickel seeks to venture into powder metallurgy to extend product range and increase competitiveness, the company said this week.

“Our main interest at the moment is related to powders made from heat-resistant alloys based on nickel and cobalt and copper-based powders. These are primarily high-temperature materials that are used in aviation, rocket and space technology, and engine manufacturing,” Kirill Yartsev of Nornickel’s technological innovations department said.

Last year, the company received the first prototypes of nickel alloys powders for use in 3D printing and hot pressing technologies and is now comparing characteristics of the obtained materials, which are based on nickel carbonyl powder from Nornickel’s Kola Division.

This year, Nornickel may study powders for coating application and pressure die casting, as well as obtaining prototypes from cobalt-based alloys and stainless steels.

Powder metallurgy is an economically beneficial alternative to mechanical processing of various metal parts, the company stressed.

Demand for powder materials is rapidly rising along with 3D printing technologies, pressure die casting, hot isostatic pressing, and coating application. Up to 40% of metallic powders used in specialized powder metallurgy are made from alloys based on Nornickel’s key metals — nickel, cobalt, and copper. icon

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