Adionics Raises $27 Million for Sustainable Lithium Extraction Technology

Adionics Raises $27 Million for Sustainable Lithium Extraction Technology

Series B Funding Attracts Industry and Investment Leaders

Adionics has successfully completed a $27 million Series B funding round. The round attracted significant investments from both existing stakeholders and new strategic investor SQM, a prominent player in lithium production. Returning investors include Bpifrance, Supernova Invest, Céleste Management, and Ovive, reaffirming their trust in Adionics’ innovative approach to lithium extraction.

Advancing Direct Lithium Extraction Technology

Established in 2012, Adionics has been at the forefront of developing an eco-friendly Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) process. This technology aims to boost lithium mining productivity while minimizing the environmental impact associated with Li-ion battery production and recycling. The recent funding will enable Adionics to transition from research and development to industrial-scale operations, with three pre-industrial pilots already showcasing the technology’s effectiveness.

Strategic Collaboration with SQM

The inclusion of SQM as a strategic partner marks a significant milestone for Adionics. SQM’s Executive-VP Lithium, Carlos Diaz, has recognized the potential of Adionics’ technology for their “Salar Futuro” project. This partnership enhances Adionics’ capabilities, allowing it to maintain its independent stance in the market while collaborating with various mining. icon

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