Alara Resources Progresses with Copper-Gold Project in Oman

Alara Resources Progresses with Copper-Gold Project in Oman

Significant Developments

International company Alara Resources highlighted its progress in the Al Wash-hi Majaza copper-gold project in Al Mudhaibi, Al Sharqiyah North, according to its recent annual report. The company continues to make strides, with the project getting closer to inception.

Background and Partnerships

Operated by Al Hadeetha Resources, this joint venture includes Alara Oman Operations, Al Hadeetha Investments, and Al Tasnim Infrastructure. The partnership, which originated in 2011, focuses on exploring and developing mineral zones within the Wash-hi Majaza, Al Ajal, and Mullaq license areas. Al Tasnim became a partner in 2019.

Recent Achievements

In a recent accomplishment, Alara Resources announced the commissioning of its copper concentrate. The entire plant is set to be fully operational progressively over the next month. The construction progress of the plant indicates that steel erection is 97% complete, electrical works are 68% done, and mechanical installation stands at 92.5%.

Operational Scope and Future Prospects

Alara Resources has secured 1186 square kilometres in the region and has successfully bid for four exploration blocks. The plant has a potential capacity of one million tonnes annually. Managing Director Atmavireshwar Sthapak has expressed optimism about copper prices in 2025, which might lead to heightened profitability.


Alara Resources extended its appreciation to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik and the Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals for their continuous support and vital role in advancing the project. This collaborative approach augments the company’s ties with the local government and solidifies its footprint in the region.

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