Alba Launches EternAl, a New Low Carbon Aluminium Product Line

Alba Launches EternAl, a New Low Carbon Aluminium Product Line

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), one of the largest aluminium smelters in the world, has announced the launch of its new low carbon aluminium product line, EternAl, featuring two variants: EternAl-30 and EternAl-15, which contain 30% and 15% recycled content, respectively. This initiative marks a significant step in Alba’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its broader ESG goals, particularly focusing on the ‘Circular Economy & Secondary Aluminium’.

The EternAl product line is designed to meet the increasing global demand for low carbon aluminium solutions. Each product variant has been independently verified by DNV, a global leader in verification assurance, ensuring that these products substantially reduce emissions across the aluminium value chain.

Khalid Al Rumaihi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Alba, emphasized the company’s alignment with Bahrain’s vision for a sustainable future, stating, “Our commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2060 is a cornerstone of this vision. Our innovative EternAl-30 and EternAl-15 products, incorporating 15% and 30% recycled scrap metal, are not just about reducing our environmental footprint—it’s a significant leap forward for the entire aluminium industry.”

Ali Al Baqali, CEO of Alba, also highlighted the transformative nature of this launch: “This groundbreaking low-carbon aluminium product marks a major milestone in our journey towards a sustainable future, not just for Alba, but across the entire supply chain. By utilizing up to 30% recycled scrap metal, we’re not only minimizing our environmental footprint but also empowering our partners and customers to make a significant contribution to achieving their own sustainability goals.”

With the rollout of EternAl-30 and EternAl-15, Alba is set to meet the demands of its customers, enabling them to significantly reduce their carbon footprints by procuring more sustainable primary aluminium products. This development paves the way for a more sustainable future in the aluminium industry, where each step of the supply chain contributes to environmental stewardship. icon

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