Alcoa Committee Advocates for Wind Farm Projects ApprovalRoi Rodriguez

Alcoa Committee Advocates for Wind Farm Projects ApprovalRoi Rodriguez

Operational Concerns at the Smelter

The Alcoa workforce in Cervo (Lugo) has voiced concerns regarding the decision made in early October to temporarily halt operations at the smelter, the only active department of the factory. The company cites challenging market conditions due to high energy prices and diminished orders as the reasons for this decision.

While the aluminum plant assures that this unplanned halt will not impact employment or future investments, the foundry is set to resume activities in November.

Urgent Meetings on the Agenda

The works committee has urgently sought discussions with the company, the Xunta, and the Government to understand the various perspectives. Upcoming meetings are scheduled with the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Innovation. A staff meeting is also planned for the 17th.

The Push for Renewable Energy

José Antonio Zan, president of the Alcoa works council in San Cibrao, emphasized the importance of approving the wind farms that are crucial to supply renewable energy to the factory, aiming for full operation by the end of 2025.

Important Dates and Energy Approvals

November 7 stands as a crucial date for the progression of the wind farms. Zan hopes for these approvals to come through, ensuring at least 50% of the plant’s energy needs. Alcoa is also exploring other sources for energy supply contracts.

Plans for Reactivation

Plans are underway to reactivate the currently halted aluminum plant in A Mariña de Lugo within the next three months. The company committed to significant investments to modernize the facility, with a phased restart beginning in January 2024 and full operation by October 2025.

European Market Impact

Zan confirmed that the restart plan is progressing as expected. He elaborates on the significant downturn in the European market, impacting those in primary material production.

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