Alcoa Committee Discusses Smelter Shutdown with Xunta and Company

Alcoa Committee Discusses Smelter Shutdown with Xunta and Company

Meetings Aim to Address Concerns Over Factory Stoppage

Upcoming Meetings:

The works council of Alcoa San Cibrao has lined up a series of pivotal discussions concerning the halt of the factory’s smelter in Cervo, Lugo. They’re set to meet with the Consellería de Industria on October 13, and Alcoa representatives on October 16.

José Antonio Zan, president of the council, confirmed these scheduled engagements, underscoring their importance as per workers’ requests.

Details and Attendees:

The rendezvous with the Xunta is slated for noon in Compostela this Friday. The council is keen on having the legal advisors from the Galician Government in attendance. The subsequent dialogue with Alcoa in San Cibrao will kick off at 1.30 p.m. Monday. A key attendee the council hopes to see is Álvaro Dorado, the former Alcoa Spain president.

The council also eagerly awaits a date for an anticipated meeting with the central government.

Additionally, there’s a broad workers’ gathering planned for October 17 to weigh possible courses of action given the situation.

Background on the Shutdown:

On October 2, Alcoa took the step to suspend its smelter operations, pointing to an exhausted inventory and a tough market landscape characterized by high energy costs and a drop in orders. While they hold open the possibility of a restart under improved market conditions, it’s noteworthy that the smelter had been running even after the electrolysis vats were halted in January 2022. Alcoa remains steadfast in its assurance that this move won’t impact the plant’s workforce, its upkeep, or future investment plans.

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