Alcoa Committee in Uproar Over Unexpected Shutdown of Foundry

Alcoa Committee in Uproar Over Unexpected Shutdown of Foundry

In a surprising move, Alcoa has chosen to “temporarily” shut down the only operational department in the Aluminum factory of San Cibrao, Foundry. This decision was attributed to soaring energy costs and diminishing orders from customers. The abrupt move has drawn the ire of the plant’s committee, which has hastily arranged a plenary session tomorrow to deliberate on the unfolding situation and ponder potential countermeasures.

The committee’s president, José Antonio Zan, is particularly incensed over the lack of communication. He feels that Alcoa should have disclosed their plans during the Aluminum follow-up meeting last Friday. At that meeting, Zan had inquired about the status of Smelter due to its dwindling production, only to be reassured about its continuity. “It’s disrespectful that they chose not to inform us during our meeting, only to halt operations the very next working day,” Zan remarked.

Zan, who learned about the halt from department workers and media outlets, lamented the company’s continued silence. While he has chosen to reserve his judgment for now, the committee will convene to decide on the way forward.

The CIG spokesperson, Xosé Paleo, highlighted that Alcoa appears to be reneging on its agreement. He pointed to explicit terms that underscore the Foundry’s commitment to ramping up its billet production and upholding its obligations to strategic sectors and customers. “It’s disturbing to witness the partial operation of Alúmina and the full stoppage of another department,” Paleo stated, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Similarly, UGT’s Diego Ballesteros expressed his concerns about the timing of this announcement, coming just three months after the company’s restart. He recalled that rumors about the Foundry’s potential stoppage had been circulating, primarily because of dwindling orders and the depressed price of aluminum. During a recent meeting in Madrid, Ballesteros had sought clarity on these rumors, only to be assured of the Foundry’s continued operations. “The company’s silence has sown seeds of uncertainty, especially concerning our customers and auxiliary partners,” he mentioned.

On the employment front, Alcoa has provided some assurance. The close to eighty Foundry workers will continue their regular duties. The company remains steadfast that this production adjustment won’t affect employment or the projected investments in the area. Contradicting the committee’s claims, Alcoa stated that they did update about the Foundry’s status during last Friday’s gathering.

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