Alcoa San Cibrao Works Council Confident in Aluminum Factory’s 2024 Reboot

Alcoa San Cibrao Works Council Confident in Aluminum Factory’s 2024 Reboot

The works council of Alcoa San Cibrao factory, located in Cervo, Spain, expressed strong confidence in the planned restart of the aluminum production on January 1, 2024. This restart is in line with the agreement reached between the worker representatives and the multinational company’s management.

Preparations for Restart Underway

José Antonio Zan, President of the Works Council, assured that 32 electrolysis tanks would be operational by the scheduled date, with plans for the remaining tanks to be ready by 2025. He highlighted the critical need for competitively priced electricity, especially for the electro-intensive operations of Alcoa’s industrial complex.

Concerns Over Pending Wind Farms and Red Mud Deposit Expansion

The committee expressed concerns regarding the wind farms still awaiting approval, which are essential for supplying cost-effective power to the facility. Additionally, the approval for expanding the Red Mud Deposit remains pending, which is crucial for the plant’s long-term viability.

Call for Stability in Ministry Leadership

Zan pointed out the challenges posed by the frequent changes at the head of the Ministry of Industry, emphasizing the need for stability and continuity in leadership. He particularly advocated for Francisco Antonio Blanco to continue leading the ministry, praising his expertise and positive influence on industrial policy. icon

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