Alcoa’s San Cibrao Works Council Seeks Clarity on Foundry Stoppage

Alcoa’s San Cibrao Works Council Seeks Clarity on Foundry Stoppage

The works council of Alcoa in San Cibrao convened an urgent meeting to delve into the abrupt “temporary” cessation of the Smelting department, the solitary remaining section in Aluminum. This move follows closely on the heels of an agreement signed between the company and its workforce in December 2021 regarding the foundry’s operations.

Calls for Meetings

Amidst the turmoil, union representatives have slated a workers’ assembly for the 17th and are pressing for dialogues both with Alcoa’s management and the regional government. Their focal point in discussions with the latter is to ascertain if Alcoa’s recent actions infringe on their prior agreement.

José Antonio Zan, the committee president, conveyed the desire for legal representatives from both sides to participate in the regional government meeting. “This is to get a comprehensive overview of the agreement’s status and explore potential claims,” he said, refraining from commenting on possible violations.

When it comes to dialogues with Alcoa, the committee is insistent that higher-ups from Alcoa Europe or Álvaro Dorado, who spearheaded previous negotiations, be in attendance. The committee vocalized its dissatisfaction over the perceived communication void from the company, particularly concerning the Smelter furnaces’ shutdown.

Zan revealed that during a prior meeting in Madrid, no indications suggested an imminent halt. “In fact, we were told that while there was a hitch with orders, it wasn’t critically urgent,” he stated.

The committee has marked Tuesday, the 17th, for the workers’ assembly, hoping that prior meetings with the company and government can shape its direction. The agenda will spotlight the Foundry’s current scenario, the existing agreement, and charting the next steps.

Upcoming Union Elections

Elections to determine Alcoa’s new works council representatives are on the horizon. The electoral drive commenced yesterday, with the establishment of an election commission consisting of the eldest worker, the youngest, and the longest-serving employee. Nomination submissions are open till October 23, with the elections scheduled for November 13 and 16.

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