Aldebaran Collaborates with Nuton for Altar Project’s Sulphide Leaching Technology

Aldebaran Collaborates with Nuton for Altar Project’s Sulphide Leaching Technology

Aldebaran Resources has announced a significant collaboration agreement with Nuton, a venture of Rio Tinto. This partnership is set to explore the potential application of Nuton’s advanced primary sulphide leaching technologies at Aldebaran’s Altar copper-gold project in San Juan, Argentina.

Under this agreement, Aldebaran will provide various mineralization samples from the Altar project to Nuton. These samples will undergo detailed mineralogical analyses, followed by testing in one-meter-high columns under various controlled conditions established by Nuton. The comprehensive results of this test work are expected to be available approximately one year after the commencement of the tests, which is anticipated to start in the first half of 2024.

The costs associated with the test program will be shared between the two parties. Aldebaran will be responsible for the preparation and shipment of samples to Nuton, while Nuton will bear the costs of the metallurgical test work. Furthermore, Aldebaran has granted Nuton an exclusivity period of one year, effective from January 9, 2024, for novel and patented leaching technologies.

John E. Black, CEO of Aldebaran, expressed optimism about the collaboration, noting the potential positive impact of sulphide leaching technology on the economics of the Altar project. Adam Burley, CEO of Nuton, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the environmental efficiency and large-scale potential of the Altar project through Nuton’s technology.

Nuton is a cutting-edge venture focused on enhancing Rio Tinto’s copper business through a portfolio of proprietary copper leach technologies. This venture stands out for its potential to economically extract copper from primary sulphide resources, contributing to increased copper production with minimal environmental impact.

Aldebaran Resources, a spin-off from Regulus Resources Inc. in 2018, specializes in mineral exploration. The company currently holds a 60% interest in the Altar project, with an option to increase its stake by an additional 20% through further investments. The Altar project is known for its multiple porphyry copper-gold deposits and is part of a region renowned for its world-class porphyry copper deposits. icon

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