Aludium Partners with Statkraft and Fortia for Renewable Energy Supply

Aludium Partners with Statkraft and Fortia for Renewable Energy Supply

A Decade-Long Green Energy Initiative

Aludium, inheriting the Alcoa plant in Amorebieta, has embarked on a significant renewable energy venture. The aluminum manufacturer, recently acquired by Jupiter Aluminum, announced a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy producer, and Fortia Energía, a prominent supplier in the Iberian electricity market. This strategic move positions Aludium as a forward-thinking player in the industry’s shift towards sustainability.

Securing Renewable Energy Sources

Set to become operational next summer, this agreement ensures that over a third of Aludium’s annual electricity consumption will be sourced from renewable energies. This is a pivotal step in the company’s commitment to decarbonize its industrial activities and integrate clean electricity, as emphasized by CEO Lionel Chapis.

Impact on Industrial Emissions and Cost Stability

Amid growing demand for low-emission products, Aludium’s initiative aligns with the broader industrial shift towards environmental responsibility. Moreover, the agreement provides a predictable energy cost structure, critical for operational stability, especially considering recent energy price spikes that led to scheduled shutdowns in the Basque Country’s large plants.

Statkraft’s Role and Vision

Statkraft, actively involved in developing new wind farms in the Basque Country, highlights this agreement as a testament to its role in supporting heavy industry’s transition to sustainable practices. Simon Kornek, Vice President of Origination for Southern Europe at Statkraft, emphasizes the company’s commitment to aiding industries in decarbonization efforts while ensuring continued employment and welfare in an environmentally friendly manner. icon

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