Andrada Mining Limited Advances Lithium Development in Namibia

Andrada Mining Limited Advances Lithium Development in Namibia

Andrada Mining Limited, a technology metals mining company with assets in Namibia, has made significant progress in its lithium pilot plant and overall lithium strategy. The pilot plant has successfully completed commissioning, producing 10 tonnes of saleable lithium concentrate. Andrada plans to boost production to 250 tonnes per month by early 2024 and is currently in discussions for a petalite off-take agreement. Additionally, the company is conducting metallurgical testwork aimed at producing battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

The company’s strategy includes intensifying lithium exploration and metallurgical testwork to discover additional mineral-rich pegmatites. Andrada aims to construct a lithium mining and concentration facility with an initial capacity of 15,000 tonnes per annum of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE), with the potential to expand to 50,000 tonnes per annum. Strategic discussions are ongoing with potential partners for lithium projects.

Exploration efforts planned for 2024 are focused on enhancing the understanding of mineralization across Andrada’s mining licenses, including areas like Uis, Lithium Ridge, and Spodumene Hill. Various drilling programs are planned to delineate high-grade spodumene zones and to develop maiden mineral resource estimates. Andrada’s comprehensive lithium development strategy includes producing both petalite and spodumene concentrates, catering to both industrial and chemical markets.

With these developments in lithium concentrate production and an emphasis on expanding exploration and metallurgical efforts, Andrada is positioning itself to be a significant player in the global lithium market. The company’s activities in Namibia have the potential to contribute significantly to the growing demand for lithium, especially in the battery production sector. icon

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