Andrada Mining Limited Begins Brandberg West Exploration

Andrada Mining Limited Begins Brandberg West Exploration

Andrada Mining, an African technology metals mining company with mining and exploration assets in Namibia, has commenced its initial exploration programme for the Brandberg West exploration licence.

Key Points

  • Brandberg West mine previously produced tin and tungsten, with evidence of copper mineralisation.
  • Exploration at EPL5445 will:
  • Assess the polymetallic mineralisation of the historical open-pit operation.
  • Explore mineralised extensions from the previously mined site.
  • A 3,000-metre drill programme is scheduled to start in the latter half of the year.

Overview of Brandberg West

Location: Exploration license EPL5445 is 110km west of Uis Mine within the mineral-rich Erongo region of Namibia. The license spans 35,045 ha and encompasses the Brandberg West mine, which was run by Gold Fields until its 1980 closure. Historical data reveals over 12,000 tonnes of tin and tungsten concentrate were extracted during the mine’s operation, with its highest output of 1,249 tonnes in 1978.

Mineral Potential: Brandberg West remains the sole Namibian exploration licence in Andrada Mining Limited’s holdings. The project was procured due to its rich tin and tungsten mineralisation. The licence shows numerous mineral occurrences, suggesting a large-scale mineral system with known concentrations of tin, tungsten, and copper. The potential extraction of tungsten would increase the variety of technology metals in the company’s offerings. The license lies in the Southern Kaoko Zone of the Damara Orogen. Within this area are sequences of altered sedimentary layers with numerous quartz vein generations, some of which are linked to hydrothermal tin, tungsten, and copper mineralisation.

Tungsten’s properties include high corrosion resistance, an elevated melting point, and unparalleled tensile strength. Its applications range from light bulb filaments to heavy metal alloys for specific steel products. Meanwhile, copper, essential for electric vehicle production, makes up about 25% of the metal content in these vehicles.

Exploration Strategy

The development of the Brandberg West licence area will follow a two-phase approach. The primary phase will focus on the past mining site and potential mineralisation extensions. The northward extension, showing numerous mineralised veins, is a top priority. This stage also entails assessing high-grade mineral deposits in the historical pit using a detailed drill programme. A 3,000-metre drilling programme will kick off later this year, with updates to be provided upon obtaining results. The subsequent phase will delve into the wider licence area’s mineral potential, investigating multiple mineral occurrences through sampling and geological mapping.

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