Angarsk Electrochemical Combine to Develop Lithium Hydroxide Production

Angarsk Electrochemical Combine to Develop Lithium Hydroxide Production

Progress in Lithium Hydroxide Production Technology

The Angarsk Electrochemical Combine (AECC), located in the Irkutsk Region and part of JSC TVEL, is on track to finalize its lithium hydroxide production methods by 2024. General Director Vyacheslav Glushenkov announced that the pilot unit, launched in 2021, is nearing the completion of its production technology development. The next step involves transitioning to full-fledged industrial production.

Achievements at the Pilot Unit

Glushenkov highlighted that the AECC has successfully produced “battery-quality” lithium hydroxide at the pilot unit. This achievement has attracted about 20 companies as buyers for the product.

Future Production Plans

Oleg Osipenko, Acting Deputy General Director for Development at AECC, confirmed plans to commence commercial production of lithium hydroxide in 2027, with an initial capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year. Looking further ahead, the production is expected to expand to 20,000 tonnes by 2032. This expansion is aligned with the needs of Russian lithium battery manufacturing facilities, which use lithium hydroxide as a raw material.

Polyanionic Cellulose Production Project

AECC is also working on a project to produce polyanionic cellulose, primarily used in the oil and gas industry. This project is currently in the design and survey stage, with the industrial production launch targeted for 2028. The planned production capacity is over 6,000 tonnes per year.

Revenue Growth and Strategic Outlook

AECC anticipates a revenue growth of up to 7.6 billion rubles in 2023 compared to 2022, with non-nuclear production contributing about 15% to this figure. By 2030, the company aims to increase its annual revenue to 50 billion rubles, driven by non-nuclear production facilities, the main uranium enrichment business, and the decommissioning of nuclear and radiation-hazardous facilities in Russia. icon

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