Anglo-American Gains Exploration Permit in Southern Lower Saxony for Copper Mining

Anglo-American Gains Exploration Permit in Southern Lower Saxony for Copper Mining

Exploration Initiatives in Germany

The British-American mining giant, Anglo-American, has been granted an exploration permit by the State Office for Mining, Energy and Geology (LBEG) for a significant area in southern Lower Saxony. This permit enables the company to conduct preliminary investigations for potential copper mining, with prospects for zinc and gold also in the region.

Geographical Scope

The permit area extends from Hildesheim to Salzgitter, bordered by Alfeld and Einbeck in the west, and reaching the edge of the Harz Mountains in the east. The southern limit of the exploration zone approaches Göttingen. This area covers nearly 2,000 square kilometers.

Permit Details and Future Plans

Currently, the exploration permit does not allow Anglo-American to commence seismic surveys or drilling activities. For such operations, additional approvals from the LBEG are required. The company’s immediate focus is on gathering and analyzing existing data to identify specific sub-areas for more detailed exploration, a process guaranteed until 2028.

Context and Historical Significance

This exploration initiative represents a resurgence of interest in ore mining in Lower Saxony, a region with a rich historical background in copper and other ore mining, especially in the Harz area. LBEG President Carsten Mühlenmeier notes that ore exploration permits have been sparingly issued in the past 15 years, highlighting the significance of this development.

Potential for Diverse Ore Discovery

While Anglo-American’s current focus in the region is on copper, as indicated by their activities in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district of Thuringia, the exploration permit also encompasses a range of other ores, including gold, silver, zinc, and nickel. The company’s plans and progress in the region are awaited, as they had not responded to inquiries by the editorial deadline.

Global Context and Economic Implications

This exploration venture aligns with broader European efforts to reduce reliance on external sources for critical raw materials, especially in light of recent geopolitical tensions. The initiative reflects an increasing focus on localizing the supply chain for essential raw materials within Germany and the EU. Anglo-American, with a significant presence in the global mining sector and ownership stakes in companies like De Beers, represents a key player in these strategic resource explorations. icon

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