Anglo American Introduces Valutrax for Enhanced Product Traceability

Anglo American Introduces Valutrax for Enhanced Product Traceability

Launch of Valutrax

Anglo American has announced the launch of Valutrax, a new digital traceability solution. This innovative platform is engineered to offer comprehensive information on the provenance of products, enhancing transparency from the source to the customer. Valutrax integrates key provenance and sustainability indicators to trace the journey of metals and minerals.

Objective of Valutrax

Paul Ward, Executive Head of Base Metals Marketing at Anglo American, emphasized the importance of their products in the global energy transition and improving living standards. Valutrax aims to offer transparency throughout the production and logistics chain, providing customers with insights to ensure compliance with industry-specific requirements and sustainability strategies.

Technology and Features

Built on blockchain technology, Valutrax assures secure and immutable data storage. Customers can access a detailed view of product information through a user-friendly portal. Each delivery comes with a digital label that summarizes key data points such as carbon emissions intensity, safety, social impact, and the guiding policies of Anglo American’s operations.

Development and Availability

The journey towards digital traceability for Anglo American began in 2018 with the De Beers’ Tracr platform. After a pilot phase in late 2022, Valutrax is now available for customers of ferronickel, copper concentrates, and iron ore mined products. Plans are in place to expand this service to other products in the future.

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