Anglo American’s Role in the Green Hydrogen Movement

Anglo American’s Role in the Green Hydrogen Movement

During the “Future Energy Conference” at the China Petrochemicals and Petrochemicals International Conference (CPCIC2023), Ms. Yu Wang, Deputy General Manager of Precious Metals Market Development at Anglo American Trading (China) Co., Ltd., discussed the use of platinum group metals in the green hydrogen industry. She highlighted the company’s efforts and contributions but also noted the larger industry trends and the potential of these metals.

Anglo American, a notable global mining entity, boasts a diverse portfolio, encompassing everything from diamonds and copper to platinum group metals, iron, and steel raw materials. Their platinum reserves in South Africa hold potential value for the emerging hydrogen sector.

Platinum group metals, responsible for about 25-30% of specific chemical applications, show promise in hydrogen energy, particularly in its production. With the surging demand for electrolytic hydrogen production, the relevance of these metals is becoming more pronounced. China’s aggressive push into the hydrogen industry underscores its ambition to be a leading global market.

While Anglo American has shown interest in hydrogen applications, such as fuel cells, the company is also turning its gaze towards hydrogen production. They’re part of collaborations aiming to develop efficient, sustainable alkaline electrolysis tanks, with hopes of advancing the use of alkaline hydrogen production technology in renewable energy and environmental protection fields.

Anglo American has expressed a willingness to support the alkaline electrolysis cell both technically and financially. However, the goal remains to commercialize the hydrogen electrolysis technology swiftly.

In her concluding remarks, Ms. Wang Yu emphasized the need for industry-wide collaboration and the importance of a cohesive strategy for the future of the green hydrogen industry.

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