Arizona Lithium Advances Pilot Plant Operations at Prairie

Arizona Lithium Advances Pilot Plant Operations at Prairie

Progress in Pilot Plant Testing

Arizona Lithium Limited is moving forward with the final phase of testing their third-party Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology at the Prairie Lithium Project. The company has successfully processed over 42,000 liters of raw brine, resulting in about 2,500 liters of lithium concentrate. This concentrate has been dispatched to the Lithium Research Center in Tempe, Arizona, for further conversion to high-purity lithium products, such as lithium carbonate.

Commercial Facility Development

The company has chosen a location for its first commercial facility, prepared the ground for the well pad, and received approval for its initial well license. These developments are pivotal in transitioning from pilot operations to commercial production through the drilling of initial wells.

Operational Focus and Future Plans

Arizona Lithium is concentrating on refining operational parameters and conditions to design a commercial extraction facility. The company’s commitment to advancing its pilot plant operations is integral to its strategy of sustainable lithium development in North America, encompassing the Big Sandy and Prairie Lithium Projects.

Strategic Significance

Arizona Lithium’s progress at the Prairie Project signifies a crucial step towards commercializing lithium extraction and supports the growing demand for lithium, a key component in the energy transition and electric vehicle industry. The company’s efforts are pivotal in establishing a robust and sustainable lithium supply chain in North America.

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