Aurubis Commits 330 Million Euros to Expansion Projects in Hamburg

Aurubis Commits 330 Million Euros to Expansion Projects in Hamburg

Major Investments in Hamburg Plant

Aurubis, a leading copper group, is set to further invest 330 million euros in its Hamburg facility. The company’s Supervisory Board has greenlit two new projects at this northern German plant. This investment decision underscores Aurubis’ commitment to expanding its operations and technological capabilities.

Construction of New Precious Metals Processing Plant

Approximately 300 million euros of the total investment is allocated for constructing a new precious metals processing plant, named “Precious Metals Refinery” (PMR). Scheduled to be operational by the end of 2026, this facility represents a significant enhancement in Aurubis’ precious metals processing capacity.

Investment in Emission Reduction Technology

Additionally, Aurubis plans to invest around 30 million euros in the second stage of its plant to reduce diffuse emissions (RDE) in primary copper production. This investment aligns with the company’s focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Cumulative Investment in Hamburg Exceeds 750 Million Euros

With these new projects, along with previously approved and ongoing initiatives, Aurubis is now investing over 750 million euros in the Hamburg site. This substantial investment reflects the company’s strategic focus on enhancing its operational capabilities and technology in the region.

Expansion in the US and Bulgaria

Beyond the Hamburg site, the Supervisory Board has approved an investment of approximately 740 million euros for constructing the Aurubis Richmond plant in the United States. In a separate initiative, Aurubis is expanding the solar park at its Bulgarian plant with an investment of just under 15 million euros. icon

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