Aurubis Reports Preliminary Earnings for Fiscal Year 2022/23

Aurubis Reports Preliminary Earnings for Fiscal Year 2022/23

Financial Summary

Aurubis, a significant player in the multi-metal industry, announced its preliminary earnings for the fiscal year 2022/23, with operating earnings before taxes (EBT) reaching €349 million. This figure is at the higher end of their projected range of €310 million to €350 million. However, the operating return on capital employed (ROCE) decreased to 11.3%, compared to 19.0% in the previous year. The company’s financial results were notably impacted by the recognition of losses related to criminal activities.

Corporate Overview and Sustainability Commitment

As a global leader in the non-ferrous metals sector and a major copper recycler, Aurubis processes various metal concentrates and scrap metals. The company produces over a million tons of copper cathodes yearly and is engaged in manufacturing a range of other metals, including precious metals, selenium, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc. Aurubis places a strong emphasis on sustainability, incorporating responsible social and ecological practices into its operations. icon

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