Belarus-Rosatom Collaboration for Lithium Cell Factory Project

Belarus-Rosatom Collaboration for Lithium Cell Factory Project

Full-Cycle Lithium Cell Production

Belarus is in discussions with the Russian state corporation Rosatom to establish a comprehensive factory dedicated to the production of energy storage cells. Stanislav Levitsky, CEO of Rosatom Bel, announced this development at a recent news conference.

Project Details and Scope

The project, a joint venture between Belarus and Rosatom, focuses on creating a factory capable of handling the entire production cycle of lithium cells. This includes manufacturing electrolytes, plates, packaging, and industrial energy storage devices, as well as traction batteries. The initiative represents a significant step forward in the energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) sectors.

Details regarding the project are currently being negotiated with the Energy Ministry of Belarus. The terms of the project, including investment, timeline, and capacity, are subjects of ongoing discussions.

Rosatom has an established relationship with BKM Group (Belcommunmash), a Belarusian electric transport manufacturer. In the past year, Rosatom supplied 97 sets of batteries for trolleybuses with extended autonomous travel capabilities, and an additional 28 sets this year. Plans are in motion to renew and expand the cooperation framework with BKM Group, which may involve further integration into the upcoming lithium cell factory project.

This project signifies a major advancement in Belarus’ technological and industrial capabilities, particularly in the growing field of renewable energy and electric vehicles. For Rosatom, it represents an expansion of their portfolio into the lithium battery market, indicating a strategic shift towards diversifying energy solutions. icon

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