Belgium Eyes a Stronger Position in Rare Earth Recycling

Belgium Eyes a Stronger Position in Rare Earth Recycling


Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten has expressed an ambition for Belgium to carve out a niche in the global recycling of rare earth metals. These metals, integral to various technologies, have extraction processes that raise environmental concerns.

The Role of Rare Earths:

Rare earth elements, including metals like cobalt and lithium, are essential components in a range of products from electric car batteries and renewable energy equipment to computers and smartphones. However, their extraction is notoriously challenging and has environmental implications.

Belgium’s Proposition:

At the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) inaugural summit on rare earths in Paris, Ms. Van der Straeten highlighted the capabilities of Belgian firms in the sector. She specifically pointed to the expertise of Belgian companies Umicore and Comet in the recycling space.

“We believe Belgium has untapped potential in the realm of rare earth recycling,” the Minister commented.

A Vision for a Circular Economy:

Minister Van der Straeten emphasized the importance of transitioning towards a circular economy where rare earth metals are consistently recycled.

“If these metals can be recycled efficiently, it might lead to more stable prices and support the broader shift to renewable energy,” she remarked.

Summit Significance:

The IEA’s rare earths summit is a convergence point for representatives from the world’s most significant economies and key corporations in the sector. As nations and companies explore strategies for sustainable rare earth usage, Belgium’s proposition underscores its desire to play a role in this landscape.

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