Besra Gold Inc Announces First Production of Gold Concentrate

Besra Gold Inc Announces First Production of Gold Concentrate

Successful Completion of Gold Production

Besra Gold has successfully completed the production of its first gold concentrate from the Bau Gold Project. This achievement fulfills the company’s obligations under the Gold Purchase Agreement (GPA) with Quantum Metal Recovery Inc, which was approved by Besra shareholders on July 25, 2023.

Terms of the Gold Purchase Agreement

Under the GPA, Besra committed to producing gold in mineral concentrate by December 31, 2023. The successful production of gold concentrate marks a significant milestone in the company’s operations.

Processing Methodology at Jugan Project Site

Bulk samples for the gold concentrate production were collected from the Jugan Project site, part of the Bau Goldfield. Jugan was chosen for its advanced state among the gold projects in the area. The samples were then processed at a third-party facility, selected for its ability to process refractory gold mineralization similar to that found at Jugan.

Key Features of the Processing Facility

The chosen facility was designed to emulate the treatment characteristics of the Jugan Pilot Plant, once it is commissioned. This approach ensured that the processing of Jugan mineralization was closely supervised by Besra’s technical team, including Metallurgical Consultant Dr. Erik Devuyst and Mining Engineer Mr. Kevin Wright. The processing was conducted in batch campaigns to prevent any mixing or contamination with ores from other sources.

Two-Stage Processing Approach

The processing was divided into two stages, with the first stage involving 1.3 tonnes of bulk samples for “bench-scale” testing. This phase allowed for the trialing of various treatment cycles and retention times in key processes. icon

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