Betolar Partners with Metso to Recycle Lithium Hydroxide By-Products

Betolar Partners with Metso to Recycle Lithium Hydroxide By-Products

Betolar has teamed up with Metso for a three-year project focusing on the sustainable use of by-products from the lithium hydroxide process. This initiative is set to globally expand Betolar’s technology in conjunction with Metso’s lithium hydroxide processing, targeting clients in the mining and refinery sectors.

Converting Analcime Sand for Construction Use

The collaboration is aimed at repurposing analcime sand, a by-product of lithium extraction, into a valuable resource for the construction of buildings, infrastructure, and mining facilities. Utilizing Betolar’s innovative technology, analcime sand will be transformed into materials like gravel and binders, cutting down on emissions and the need for virgin natural resources in concrete production. This venture comes in response to the increasing demand for sustainable practices within the construction industry.

Advancing Sustainable Battery Production

With the rise of lithium production for e-mobility and energy storage, the output of analcime sand has also increased. The battery sector is actively seeking cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to manage these by-products. Betolar’s approach to recycling and reusing analcime sand addresses this need, contributing to the wider transition towards green technology. icon

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