BHP Advances Decarbonization Efforts, Pilots Wind-Powered Shipping for Copper

BHP Advances Decarbonization Efforts, Pilots Wind-Powered Shipping for Copper

BHP sets a new environmental benchmark by initiating the transportation of copper using wind-propelled ships, emphasizing its commitment to decarbonization.

Pioneering Green Transportation

In a revolutionary environmental move, BHP is launching a program to ship copper from Chile to Japan using vessels powered by wind. This initiative is the result of a collaboration with Pan Pacific Copper and Northpower, aiming to reduce carbon emissions significantly within maritime logistics. The innovative project will see the installation of wind-propulsion systems on a cargo ship named KORYU, enhancing efficiency and sustainability in the transportation of copper concentrates and sulfuric acid.

The wind-propulsion technology, reputed for being substantially more efficient than traditional sailing mechanisms, offers autonomous operation, freeing crew from constant monitoring duties. This advancement stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to implementing eco-conscious solutions in its operations.

Commitment to Decarbonization Across Operations

BHP’s decarbonization strategy extends beyond transportation. The company’s executive, Mr. Pant, highlighted ongoing collaborations with industry leaders like JFE Steel and Komatsu, focusing on emissions reduction in steel production and the incorporation of electric trucks in mining activities, respectively. This comprehensive approach underlines BHP’s strategic commitment to meeting customer needs with an eye on environmental responsibility.

In current operations, BHP has achieved a complete transition to renewable energy sources for its Chile-based activities, while its Australian operations are halfway there. This shift has already resulted in a significant 34% reduction in emissions over two years, marking steady progress towards the company’s ambitious zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050.

By embracing innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, BHP reinforces its position at the forefront of industrial environmental responsibility, setting a commendable standard in the global mining and resources sector.

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