C3 Metals Announces Significant Drill Results at Bellas Gate, Jamaica

C3 Metals Announces Significant Drill Results at Bellas Gate, Jamaica

In a recent development from Jamaica, C3 Metals has unveiled promising drill results from their operations at the Bellas Gate project.

The highlight from the release centers on drill CMH8350-001 which recorded 207.8m at 0.43% copper and 0.20 g/t gold, starting just 22.0m downhole. Remarkably, within this expanse, a 135.0m segment showcased an enhanced concentration of 0.52% copper and 0.27 g/t gold.

A closer inspection of the latter half of the CMH8350-001 drill provided insights into its geology. It revealed a heavily altered diorite porphyry characterized by a significant presence of pyrite-rich quartz stockwork veining. Furthermore, there’s an indication that this diorite might be intersected by a potential diatreme breccia on its western side.

C3 Metals has also indicated that they are awaiting assay results for two more drill holes at Provost and Camel Hill, which spanned 418.6m and 504.3m respectively.

The company’s endeavors at the Camel Hill area have been extensive, with 32 drill holes completed to date. It’s interesting to note that a majority, about 80%, of these drillings are vertical. However, some historical drill collar locations couldn’t be precisely verified in the field, prompting a need for accuracy in future operations.

This announcement signifies the potential of the Bellas Gate project and how C3 Metals continues to actively explore and understand its geological richness.

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