C3 Metals Gains Ground with a 74% Expansion in Peru’s Jasperoide Copper-Gold Project Drill Area

C3 Metals Gains Ground with a 74% Expansion in Peru’s Jasperoide Copper-Gold Project Drill Area

A Major Leap in Exploration Efforts:

C3 Metals Inc., based in Toronto, has revealed a notable expansion in its authorized drilling region at the Jasperoide Copper-Gold Project in Peru. With the recent “Authorization to Start Activities” from the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines, the company has achieved a 74% increase in its drilling exploration area.

Details of the Drill Permit:

The updated Drill Permit introduces 24 more drill platforms and an additional 53 drill holes. Thanks to this extension, C3 Metals is now positioned to explore two more skarn targets: Cresta Verde and Callejon De Oro. These targets are conveniently located adjacent to the Montana de Cobre skarn deposit. However, a key development from the Bellas Gate project in Jamaica could delay the drilling restart at Jasperoide until the current Jamaican program wraps up.

A Look into the MCZ Deposit:

The Montana de Cobre deposit showcases impressive near-surface mineral resources:

  • Measured & Indicated Mineral Resources: 51.9 million tonnes with significant quantities of copper and gold.
  • Measured Mineral Resources: 28.6Mt, also rich in copper and gold.
  • Indicated Mineral Resources: 23.3Mt, again showing impressive quantities of both metals.
  • Inferred Mineral Resources: 4.0Mt, slightly lower in metal content but still significant.

CEO’s Vision for Jasperoide:

Dan Symons, leading C3 Metals as its President and CEO, shared the company’s ambitious vision post Drill Permit modification. He emphasized the vast potential of the Jasperoide project, pointing out the MCZ deposit as just one of the numerous copper-gold skarn targets identified within a 28km magnetite belt. C3 Metals aims to unearth more deposits similar in magnitude and quality to the MCZ to further their copper production in this globally recognized district.

Jasperoide’s Rich Geological Landscape:

Situated in the renowned Andahuaylas-Yauri Porphyry-Skarn belt of Southern Peru, the 30,000-hectare Jasperoide project is in a league of its own. With mining operations in the vicinity like Las Bambas, Constancia, and Antapaccay, C3 Metals is in a prime geological setting. Notably, various major exploration projects in the vicinity are held by mining behemoths like BHP, Barrick, and Rio Tinto.

Growth and Potential:

Since its initial acquisition in 2020, C3 Metals has shown aggressive expansion, growing its mineral concession by a staggering 426%. The company sees tremendous geological potential in this region due to its proximity to operational mines. They believe that their targets, CVZ and MCZ, are remnants of a larger skarn body formed from the same mineralizing event. Limited drilling at CVZ suggests a hidden porphyry deposit, a hypothesis C3 Metals is eager to validate with the updated Drill Permit.

C3 Metals’ rapid progress in expanding its exploration footprint underscores its commitment to tapping into the vast mineral wealth of the Andahuaylas-Yauri belt. As drilling and exploration activities ramp up, industry watchers will have their eyes set on this promising region and the potential treasures it might unveil.

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