Canadian Critical Minerals Enters Ore Purchase Agreement with New Afton

Canadian Critical Minerals Enters Ore Purchase Agreement with New Afton

Canadian Critical Minerals Inc. (CCMI) has announced an Ore Purchase Agreement with the New Afton operation for processing. The agreement stipulates that over the next two years, CCMI will supply up to 90,000 tonnes of mineralized material from its Bull River Mine to the New Afton operation located near Kamloops, British Columbia. Currently, a stockpile of around 180,000 tonnes of mineralized copper, gold, and silver material is available at the Bull River Mine. This material will undergo screening, crushing, and sorting with the Steinert KSS 100 ore sorter before being transported to the New Afton mill facility. The sorting process will help segregate the higher-grade material from the low-grade and waste.

Ian Berzins, CCMI’s President and CEO, stated, “This Agreement allows us to tap into the current surface stockpile at the Bull River Mine, marking a step toward generating the company’s initial revenues.” The income from this agreement will be redirected to finalize the project’s permitting, manage ongoing care and maintenance expenses, and further capital improvements. Berzins also expressed interest in assessing the potential of ore sorting as a long-term grade control strategy for the Bull River Mine milling operation.

About Canadian Critical Minerals Inc.

CCMI is a mining entity predominantly concentrating on imminent copper production ventures in Canada. Their principal project is the wholly-owned Bull River Mine, which has a Mineral Resource containing copper, gold, and silver. Additionally, CCMI possesses a 100% stake in the Thierry Mine project, which houses a Mineral Resource that includes copper, nickel, silver, palladium, platinum, and gold.

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