Canadian Critical Minerals Implements Ore Sorting Technology at Bull River Mine

Canadian Critical Minerals Implements Ore Sorting Technology at Bull River Mine

Introduction of Ore Sorting at Bull River Mine

Canadian Critical Minerals Inc. (CCMI) has recently received a Steinert KSS 100 X-Ray Transmissive Ore-Sorter at its Bull River Mine project, sourced from Bayhorse Silver Inc. This acquisition is part of a rental agreement aimed at enhancing the processing efficiency of the mine’s stockpiled mineralized material.

Details of the Ore Purchase Agreement

In line with the Ore Purchase Agreement (OPA) with New Afton, CCMI plans to deliver approximately 90,000 tonnes of mineralized material from the Bull River Mine over a two-year period. The company has reported a stockpile of around 180,000 tonnes of copper, gold, and silver material at the mine site. The sorting process intends to segregate lower-grade material from higher-grade material for more efficient transportation and processing.

Operational Updates and Projected Impact

Crushing and screening operations at the mine began in early November 2023, with plans to reassemble and start the ore sorter within the same month. The technology is expected to facilitate the transportation of concentrated material to New Afton. CCMI anticipates this will lead to revenue generation from the surface stockpile, which will be allocated to various operational needs, including project permitting and capital upgrades.

Comments from the CEO

Ian Berzins, President and CEO of CCMI, noted the delivery of the ore sorter as a step towards assessing its large-scale applicability for grade control. He mentioned the potential for Bull River Mine to adopt this technology on a commercial scale in North America. The decision to rent the sorter allows for operational learning before considering a purchase.

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