Century Lithium Progresses on Feasibility Study with Focus on Sodium Hydroxide By-product

Century Lithium Progresses on Feasibility Study with Focus on Sodium Hydroxide By-product

Update on Clayton Valley Lithium Project

Century Lithium  has provided an update on its ongoing Feasibility Study for the Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada. The project, which includes the development of lithium extraction from lithium-bearing clay, is currently undergoing extensive testing and optimization.

Feasibility Study and Production Targets

The Feasibility Study, involving consultants from Wood PLC, Global Resource Engineers, thyssenkrupp nucera USA, Saltworks Technologies Inc., and WSP USA Environment & Infrastructure Inc., is focused on producing battery-grade lithium carbonate. The target production is based on a mill feed of 15,000 tonnes per day and an average annual output of 27,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent, aligning with the project’s earlier Pre-Feasibility Study.

Phased Approach to Production

Considering the volatility in the lithium market, Century Lithium is exploring a phased approach to scaling up production. This strategy aims to reduce financial risks for prospective parties and investors. The company is working with its consultants to finalize viable phases and associated schedules.

Sodium Hydroxide as a By-product

A key aspect of the project is the generation of sodium hydroxide as a by-product in the chlor-alkali plant. This plant produces both hydrochloric acid, used in the leaching process, and sodium hydroxide, used for neutralization and impurity removal. Pilot plant testing revealed a surplus of sodium hydroxide, which presents a potential revenue stream, especially considering the western United States’ reliance on imports of this chemical for water treatment and other industrial uses.

Market Study for Sodium Hydroxide

Century Lithium is conducting a market study to evaluate the economic benefits of selling sodium hydroxide. This study will be incorporated into the Feasibility Study, highlighting the potential for tapping into domestic supply needs for sodium hydroxide.

Anticipated Completion of the Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study, including the evaluation of sodium hydroxide sales, is expected to be completed in Q1 2024. Todd Fayram, MMSA-QP and Senior Vice President of Metallurgy at Century Lithium, has approved the technical information in this release. icon

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