Construction Begins on First Cobalt and Nickel Refinery in the U.S.

Construction Begins on First Cobalt and Nickel Refinery in the U.S.

Developers of what is claimed to be the nation’s inaugural cobalt and nickel refinery in Lawton are pushing ahead with the construction of a pilot plant on a rapid schedule.

Westwin Elements, a one-year-old startup based in Bartlesville, revealed that it is collaborating on plant design with Ambler Architects, also located in Bartlesville. The general contractor for the project has not been named by Westwin.

In a press release following a groundbreaking event in southwest Lawton, Westwin stated, “This strategic partnership with Ambler ensures an accelerated timeline for completion, estimated to be between three to five months.”

The company emphasized, “This significant facility represents a major stride in reducing America’s dependency on foreign nations for its raw material supply chain while promoting economic growth and job opportunities in the region.”

Westwin’s refinery complex is slated to manufacture advanced metals primarily intended for use in defense, aerospace, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

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