De Nora Scales Up Suzhou Plant’s Production Capacity

De Nora Scales Up Suzhou Plant’s Production Capacity

Capacity Expansion in Response to Rising Demand

Industrie De Nora, the Italian electrode manufacturer, has announced a significant increase in the production capabilities of its Suzhou facility. This enhancement is a response to the heightened demand within the Asian market.

The Suzhou site, situated a short distance from Shanghai, has been operational since 2005 and stands as De Nora’s primary operation in China. The expansion will support the company’s role in the Asian and Chinese markets, particularly in servicing high-tech industry partners.

Focus on Green Technologies and Market Needs

De Nora’s decision is also geared towards supporting the production of green hydrogen technologies. The move aligns with global shifts towards sustainable and eco-friendly energy sources.

Additionally, the company is looking to cement its services in the maintenance of chlor-alkali plants. This sector accounts for a substantial portion of the global market and is indicative of the growing demand for electrodes essential for copper foil production. This material is crucial in both lithium battery manufacturing for electric vehicles and as a component in printed circuit boards.

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