Decade Resources Explores Multiple Properties in BC’s Golden Triangle

Decade Resources Explores Multiple Properties in BC’s Golden Triangle

Terrace Project Exploration Update

Decade Resources has made notable advancements in exploring several properties in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle. In the Terrace Project, particularly in the Nobody Knows Zone, the company discovered significant copper sulphide mineralization. This project, covering 17,470 hectares, includes the Nobody Knows, Dardanelle, and Treasure Mountain properties. Drilling activities revealed copper sulphides in felsic volcanic rocks, with the mineralization spanning 200 meters in strike length and reaching a depth of 150 meters. The project involved drilling 4,000 meters over 33 holes.

Progress at Red Cliff and Grassy Properties

The Red Cliff property underwent extensive drilling, totaling over 1,600 meters in 23 holes, focusing on the Montrose zone. Initial drilling results indicated copper and gold mineralization. Further exploration above the historical Red Cliff underground workings showed strong copper mineralization.

Exploration at the Grassy property, located near prominent mining sites like the Premier Gold-Silver and Big Missouri mines, included a two-day program. This exploration aimed to investigate fault structures hosting mineralization over a 3-kilometer strike on the claims.

Del Norte Project Developments

Decade is progressing towards a 55% interest in the Del Norte property, having already invested over $3 million towards a $4 million commitment over five years. The Eagle’s Nest zone within this property showed promising grab sampling results with significant gold and silver grades. Additionally, Decade owns 100% of the Premier East property, situated near the Ascot Resource Prew zone.

Future Plans and Ongoing Exploration Efforts

As a Canadian mineral exploration company, Decade Resources is actively involved in developing its properties in the Golden Triangle. With further assay results expected, the company looks to enhance its understanding of these mineral-rich areas.

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