Draslovka’s GlyCatTM Gold Leaching Process Successfully Implemented at Mongolian Mines

Draslovka’s GlyCatTM Gold Leaching Process Successfully Implemented at Mongolian Mines

Draslovka a.s. has entered into a user license agreement with Bayan Airag Exploration LLC in Mongolia for the pioneering application of its exclusive glycine gold leaching process, GlyCatTM, in a commercial heap leaching operation. This groundbreaking technology is now being used to extract gold from ore sourced from the Golden Hills and Limestone Ridge pits.

The decision to fully integrate this technology into their heap leach operations followed extensive on-site testing, culminating in a successful 1000-ton trial heap leach. The collaborative effort involved professionals from Draslovka’s mining innovation center in Perth and on-site personnel from Bayan Airag. The recent heap leach trial demonstrated superior gold recovery rates compared to conventional cyanidation, achieving an impressive overall gold recovery rate of 78%. Additionally, this was achieved with a remarkable 65% reduction in cyanide usage, combined with excellent glycine recyclability. In light of the high cyanide unit costs, this implementation is projected to reduce total reagent costs by more than 70%.

Located in Mongolia, where temperatures frequently plummet below freezing, the Bayan Airag mines have garnered international interest due to the successful application of this technology in challenging cold climate conditions.

Ivor Bryan, Chief Technology Officer of Draslovka Mining Solutions, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with the Bayan Airag team, highlighting the exceptional benefits of GlyCatTM in heap leaching applications. This innovative approach not only matches or surpasses traditional recovery rates but also brings about a significant reduction in operational costs. Bryan emphasized how this technology can extend the lifespan of mines and transform previously uneconomical ores and waste materials into viable metal production opportunities. He also expressed eagerness to further strengthen the partnership with Bayan Airag, exploring additional projects within their operational area and expanding the technology’s applications in Mongolia.

Peter Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Bayan Airag, noted the practical advantages of implementing the GlyCat process in their mining operations. With challenges related to cyanide supply and costs, GlyCat offered a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, reducing their reliance on cyanide and enhancing their operations’ sustainability. This innovative approach not only benefits their Mongolian business but also has positive outcomes for the local community. Thompson proudly acknowledged that Bayan Airag mine is the first in Mongolia to adopt GlyCat technology, marking the world’s inaugural commercial implementation of GlyCat in a heap leaching operation.

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