E3 Lithium Achieves Successful Lithium Carbonate Production Milestone

E3 Lithium Achieves Successful Lithium Carbonate Production Milestone

E3 Lithium Ltd, a prominent lithium developer and innovator in extraction technology based in Alberta, has reached a significant milestone by successfully producing lithium carbonate, a critical step in the conventional process preceding the conversion to battery-grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LHM).

This achievement was realized through test work conducted using concentrate derived from brines located in E3 Lithium’s Clearwater Project Area. The concentrate was generated during direct lithium extraction (DLE) testing, which was conducted in preparation for the pilot plant.

E3 Lithium has collaborated with a major lithium refining technology and equipment provider to advance the downstream lithium production processes in anticipation of the upcoming pre-feasibility study. The testing involved the treatment of a sample of concentrate, known as eluate, produced through DLE technology. The test program successfully progressed through coarse purification and concentration phases, resulting in the conversion of the eluate into lithium carbonate. The remaining stages involve additional downstream refinement to achieve the desired purity and the conversion of carbonate into battery-grade LHM.

As the pilot plant continues to produce more concentrate, E3 Lithium will generate additional carbonate and LHM to support commercial development initiatives.

Chris Doornbos, President and CEO of E3 Lithium, expressed his excitement about this milestone, stating, “Producing high-quality carbonate from our Leduc brines with a major equipment vendor is an incredibly exciting milestone for the company. While downstream lithium refining processes are already commercially operating, demonstrating the success of these processes on E3 Lithium’s brine provides more certainty for our commercial processes.”

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