Electra and Rock Tech Lithium Forge Partnership for Lithium Recycling

Electra and Rock Tech Lithium Forge Partnership for Lithium Recycling

Electra Battery Materials Corporation and Rock Tech Lithium have established a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on lithium recycling initiatives in North America. This agreement is designed to use recycled lithium from Electra’s Ontario battery recycling facility, upgrading it to battery-grade lithium chemicals at Rock Tech’s refineries. The focus is on creating a sustainable, closed-loop recycling process for lithium-ion battery waste.

Enhancing Recycling of Critical Minerals

This collaboration aims to improve the recovery and recycling of critical minerals, particularly lithium, from Electra’s black mass refining operations. Electra is set to upgrade the recycled lithium to a battery-grade product, which is expected to increase revenue, enhance service capabilities, and support the company’s growth. Rock Tech’s commitment to developing a localized and circular lithium value chain complements this initiative.

Plans for Expansion and Future Collaboration

The initial phase of material processing under this partnership is scheduled to commence in 2026. As Electra expands its battery materials park, the volume of lithium supplied for recycling is expected to increase. The two companies are also exploring further collaborative opportunities, such as licensing Electra’s technology in Europe and potentially co-locating battery recycling and lithium refining facilities. icon

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