Enerpoly Receives $8.4M Grant for Zinc-Ion Battery Factory

Enerpoly Receives $8.4M Grant for Zinc-Ion Battery Factory

Significant Funding for Innovative Battery Production

Enerpoly, a Swedish company specializing in zinc-ion battery technology, has been granted $8.4 million (88.5 million SEK) by the Swedish Energy Agency. This substantial financial support will be pivotal in establishing the world’s first large-scale zinc-ion battery manufacturing facility, termed the Enerpoly Production Innovation Center (EPIC). The grant aims to accelerate Enerpoly’s mission to revolutionize renewable energy storage through scalable and profitable mass production of zinc-ion batteries.

Enerpoly’s Vision and Technology

Co-founded by Dr. Mylad Chamoun and Dr. Samer Nameer, with Eloisa de Castro as CEO, Enerpoly focuses on crafting safe, sustainable, and affordable energy storage solutions. The company builds upon Dr. Chamoun’s research at Stockholm University, leveraging abundant and recyclable materials like zinc and manganese. These components ensure a steady supply chain, free from the constraints of market fluctuations. Notably, Enerpoly’s batteries are non-flammable and non-explosive, making them suitable for use in sensitive urban and infrastructure environments.

Project Roadmap and Expansion Plans

Over the next three years, the grant will aid in developing automated manufacturing systems, enhancing energy efficiency in battery cell production, and ensuring plant safety. Additionally, the investment will contribute to expanding Enerpoly’s workforce in Sweden. The project aligns with the EU’s climate neutrality goals for 2050, aiming to bolster energy security and promote renewable energy adoption.

Impact on Renewable Energy and European Market

Mylad Chamoun, Co-founder and CTO of Enerpoly, emphasized the significance of this development for both the company and the broader field of zinc-ion battery technology. The EPIC facility is expected to demonstrate the scalability of zinc-ion batteries and their potential to facilitate the widespread adoption of renewable energy.

Swedish Energy Agency’s Role in Promoting Sustainable Growth

The Swedish Energy Agency has been instrumental in driving sustainable innovation, having supported around 250 startups with approximately €90 million ($100 million). The agency’s investment in Enerpoly reflects its commitment to reducing carbon emissions in energy storage, enhancing European competitiveness, and diversifying the battery supply chain. icon

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