EOS to Launch High-Strength Aluminum Alloy

EOS to Launch High-Strength Aluminum Alloy

EOS, a leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions, is preparing to launch its new high-strength aluminum alloy, EOS Al5X1, this summer. The company showcased parts printed with the Al5X1 material for the first time at the recent RAPID + TCT event.

Developed within EOS’ material screening program, the EOS Al5X1 takes into account customer requirements and application design in its formulation. At the event, four versions of the same component were presented, with three finished in different colors. The material offers several advantages, including the ability to be anodized and electropolished. EOS also highlights the convenience of a single heat treatment step and the alloy’s high elongation at break.

According to EOS, the Al5X1 aluminum alloy boasts a higher strength of 410MPa compared to most other aluminum offerings in the additive manufacturing market. It also exhibits an elongation at break ranging from 15% to 18%. These characteristics contribute to the material’s excellent fatigue performance, attracting interest from aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics sectors.

Manufacturers have shown positive feedback regarding the material’s strength and elongation properties. EOS emphasizes the attractiveness of minimal heat treatment steps, indicating that a simple six-hour cycle at 400°C is sufficient, eliminating the need for additional treatments like T6 heat treatment, water quenching, or oil quenching.

Furthermore, the EOS Al5X1 material allows for electropolishing to enhance the surface finish. During the anodization process, dyes can be applied to achieve different colors. At RAPID + TCT, EOS showcased parts that underwent type two anodization and were dyed in blue, red, and black using a nickel acetate sealer.

Although the material has yet to be officially launched, EOS has already received significant interest from five customers, including a defense original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with whom collaboration has begun. EOS is currently working with suppliers to meet the demand. An official launch of the Al5X1 material is expected later this summer.

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