Eurallumina Issues Warning Over Collective Dismissal Amid Ongoing Dispute

Eurallumina Issues Warning Over Collective Dismissal Amid Ongoing Dispute

Cagliari, Oct. 6 – Leading alumina company, Eurallumina, has stated its intent to begin collective dismissal procedures if an addendum to an existing memorandum of understanding regarding the activation of an extraordinary redundancy fund isn’t endorsed by the pertinent ministries. This development follows a prolonged 14-year dispute.

The information was brought to light by the Rsa, along with the territorial secretaries of Filctem CGIL, Emanuele Madeddu, Femca Cisl, Vincenzo Lai, and Uiltec Uil, Pierluigi Loi, following a discussion yesterday with both the company and the Region of Sardinia.

Trade unions are maintaining a state of operational agitation and have indicated their intention to participate in initiatives with minimal notice. The unions have voiced their expectations for feedback within a week, emphasizing the urgency of a meeting to sign the addendum. They’ve also signaled readiness to initiate mobilization efforts should there be a delay.

The addendum to the Memoranda of Understanding from 2009-2012 outlines various preparatory commitments necessary for the recommencement of the plants. Notably, it highlights the assurance of wages for Eurallumina employees until the full resumption of production. Critical steps towards the relaunch of production at the Portovesme bauxite refinery, which has been halted since 2009, were achieved recently. However, challenges persist, particularly concerning the supply of natural gas. A definitive decision on this issue is anticipated from the Council of State in the upcoming November.

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