Eureka Resources Achieves 97% Pure Lithium Carbonate Extraction from Oil and Gas Brine

Eureka Resources Achieves 97% Pure Lithium Carbonate Extraction from Oil and Gas Brine

Eureka Resources, in collaboration with SEP Salt & Evaporation Plants Ltd. successfully extracted 97% pure lithium carbonate from oil and natural gas brine with an impressive recovery rate of up to 90%. This achievement marks a major milestone in their mission to establish a sustainable lithium supply chain in North America. Moreover, Eureka’s patented water treatment process recycles and converts over 80% of wastewater to freshwater, promoting responsible resource management.

The significance of this breakthrough lies in unlocking a domestic source of lithium for the U.S. market, reducing reliance on foreign lithium from China and South America while addressing critical environmental challenges. Eureka’s patented closed-loop process combines physical and chemical treatment, concentration, and crystallization using existing industrial equipment. With over ten years of operation in extracting commercial-grade sodium chloride and calcium chloride alongside clean water, the expansion to include lithium extraction as lithium carbonate is set to be operational within two years, making it the fastest-to-market new lithium source in the U.S., setting it apart from other domestic extraction methods, including Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE).

The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has further incentivized electric vehicle manufacturers to utilize domestic lithium sources in their vehicles, creating significant demand for Eureka’s domestic lithium supply. This helps the United States achieve its decarbonization goals while fostering independence from foreign lithium sources, which are often scarce and pose supply chain complexities.

Eureka Resources CEO, Dan Ertel, expressed excitement about this advancement, stating that their patented process not only emphasizes environmental friendliness but also provides a reliable domestic source of lithium for the U.S. market. It’s a major step forward in their mission to develop sustainable solutions for critical mineral recovery.

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