European Energy Metals Completes Phase I Program at Central Finland Lithium Project

European Energy Metals Completes Phase I Program at Central Finland Lithium Project

Successful Exploration Outcomes in Central Finland

European Energy Metals has reported successful outcomes from its Phase I exploration program at its Central Finland Lithium Project. This phase of exploration focused on identifying lithium-bearing pegmatites across its reservations.

Key Discoveries and Sampling Results

  • Nabba Reservation – Kyrola Zone: A significant discovery of a 350m by 110m spodumene-bearing boulder field was made. Analysis of 49 rock chip grab samples from this field showed lithium oxide (Li2O) percentages ranging from 3.84% to 0.003%, with 15 samples exceeding 0.50% Li2O.
  • Nabba Reservation – Kaitnabba Zone: A spodumene-bearing boulder cluster was found, with two rock chip grab samples returning 1.57% and 1.01% Li2O.
  • Lappajarvi East Reservation – Pisto Zone: Mapping of this area revealed a pegmatite swarm with multiple rock chip samples showing lithium in the hundreds of ppm, including a high value of 250 ppm lithium.

Exploration License Applications and Land Expansion

European Energy Metals has submitted applications for two exploration licenses totaling 4,550 hectares within the Nabba reservation, including the Nabba license encompassing the Kyrola discovery. Additionally, the company has significantly expanded its land package through acquisition and staking, acquiring 7 mineral reservations totaling 31,065 hectares and staking three additional reservations totaling 23,000 hectares.

CEO Comments on Exploration Success

Jeremy Poirier, CEO of European Energy Metals, commented on the success of the initial exploration in central Finland, highlighting the discovery of a significant drill target at the Kyrola spodumene-bearing pegmatite boulder field. With exploration license applications underway, the company is well-positioned for continued success into 2024.

Kyrola Discovery Details

The Kyrola discovery, characterized by a large spodumene-bearing pegmatite boulder field, indicates potential for significant lithium deposits. The boulders exhibit mineralogical similarities to the known Keliber deposits in the region, suggesting a possible connection in mineralizing events. Further studies are anticipated to confirm and define drilling targets.

Future Exploration Plans

The success of the Phase I program at the Central Finland Lithium Project sets the stage for further exploration and potential drilling activities. European Energy Metals’ findings contribute to a growing understanding of lithium resources in the region and the company’s commitment to advancing its exploration efforts. icon

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