Fathom Nickel Prepares for Second Phase of Drilling at Gochager Lake Project

Fathom Nickel Prepares for Second Phase of Drilling at Gochager Lake Project

Ian Fraser, CEO of Fathom Nickel, has announced the company’s preparations for commencing the second phase of drilling at the Gochager Lake project, scheduled to begin in early September.

The upcoming drilling program is slated to encompass 5 to 6 boreholes, covering a total distance of approximately 2,000 meters. Fraser provided insights into the strategic objectives of this phase, highlighting the plan to investigate the vertical plunge extensions along the strike, inspired by the promising outcomes from drillhole GL23003.

Importantly, Fathom Nickel has leveraged insights obtained from multiple borehole electromagnetic surveys conducted within the region characterized by high-grade nickel mineralization. These surveys have successfully identified a complex series of steeply plunging geophysical targets.

The drilling program will consist of boreholes carefully designed to assess the continuity of conductivity patterns as defined by surface Transient Electromagnetic (TDEM) surveys, conducted along the Gochager Lake deposit’s strike.

Furthermore, the program will extend its reach to an area situated approximately 300 meters northeast of the Gochager Lake deposit, which exhibits conductivity characteristics similar to those of the Gochager Lake deposit itself.

Anticipated to be completed in approximately four weeks, Fathom Nickel’s second drilling phase represents a significant step in advancing our understanding of the mineral potential and geological dynamics within the Gochager Lake project. The combination of advanced survey techniques and strategic drilling approaches underscores the company’s dedication to methodical exploration and the pursuit of valuable mineral resources.

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