Full Circle Lithium Signs Deal with Second US Client for Lithium Production

Full Circle Lithium Signs Deal with Second US Client for Lithium Production

Full Circle Lithium (“FCL”), a leading manufacturer and recycler of lithium products in the United States, has announced a new partnership with a second US-based specialty industrial and chemicals company to extract and process lithium from the company’s lithium-rich brine. This arrangement will leverage FCL’s proprietary direct lithium extraction processing technology, known for its high efficiency and purity levels.

Under the terms of the agreement, which includes a nine-month binding exclusivity period, FCL will conduct initial laboratory work to extract lithium from the client’s brine. This process has already demonstrated success, with FCL’s technology proving capable of extracting over 99% of lithium in solution and removing nearly all impurities in a real-life demonstration deployment.

FCL plans to construct a second commercial-scale plant for the client, aimed at extracting lithium from the brine and converting it into lithium chloride. This product will then be transported to FCL’s fully operational lithium carbonate production facility in Nahunta, Georgia, to create saleable lithium carbonate. FCL estimates that up to 300 tonnes of lithium carbonate annually could be recovered from the client’s brine, targeting full commercial production by the end of 2024.

Carlos Vicens, Founder and CEO of FCL, expressed optimism about the partnership and the company’s growth, highlighting the scalable nature of their proprietary technology and the potential value it brings to their lithium midstream recycling business. FCL’s engagement with this new client builds on its strategy to utilize its existing refinery capacity to support its business model.

The company is also in discussions with several other potential clients and will continue its initial lab and piloting work at the Georgia facility, with further updates on technical and economic feasibility to be provided. icon

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