Galicia’s Aluminum Industry Sees Contrasting Developments: Extrugasa Expands, Alcoa Holds Back

Galicia’s Aluminum Industry Sees Contrasting Developments: Extrugasa Expands, Alcoa Holds Back

Expansion for Extrugasa, Caution for Alcoa

In Galicia’s aluminum sector, contrasting moves are evident as Extrugasa embarks on an expansion while Alcoa freezes significant investments. Extrugasa has received approval from the Xunta de Galicia for a new aluminum scrap smelting plant at its Valga complex, aiming to lessen its reliance on primary aluminum. This move is juxtaposed against Alcoa’s recent decision to delay a $109 million (€100 million) investment for a new anode baking furnace at its San Cibrao facility.

Extrugasa’s Environmental Commitment

Extrugasa’s new plant in Valga is seen as an environmentally viable project, aimed at recycling aluminum scrap. This process not only reduces raw material consumption but also offers environmental benefits compared to current practices. The plant will feature a melting furnace, a homogenizing furnace, and other units essential for aluminum processing.

Energy Efficiency and Solar Power Utilization

Committed to energy efficiency, Extrugasa’s Valga facilities host the largest photovoltaic self-consumption installation in the community, covering a quarter of the company’s energy needs. This commitment to renewable energy underlines Extrugasa’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Alcoa’s Investment Slowdown Amidst Losses

On the other hand, Alcoa’s investment slowdown reflects the challenges faced by the company, with a projected loss of €200 million at its San Cibrao complex for 2024. This decision comes despite the partial operation of its alumina plant and the electrolysis series being out of operation, further compounded by high gas prices. icon

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