Glencore’s Lithium Project in Sardinia Faces Delays

Glencore’s Lithium Project in Sardinia Faces Delays


Glencore, a global leader in raw materials trading, is currently working on a transformation plan for Portovesme, an established company in Sulcis, Sardinia. The aim is to transition from producing lead and zinc to recycling and producing lithium and rare earths, potentially positioning Italy at the forefront of the European automotive supply chain.

Regulatory Challenges:

The Region of Sardinia has slowed the progression of Glencore’s pilot project. Instead of fast-tracking the initiative, the regional authorities have insisted on a comprehensive environmental impact assessment. This decision, which prolongs the project’s timeline, has been described by Glencore as “discouraging.”

Environmental Concerns:

Central to the delay is apprehension regarding the environmental repercussions of handling various metals. However, Glencore emphasizes that their approach has been in strict accordance with all regulatory standards.

Potential Implications:

There are concerns that these administrative setbacks might jeopardize the project’s financial feasibility. The goal is for the site to be operational by the close of 2026, contingent upon obtaining the necessary permits.

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