Global Alumina Production Declines in November

Global Alumina Production Declines in November

Monthly Overview

Global alumina production experienced a decline of 1.9% in November, totaling 11.86 million tons, as per the International Aluminium Institute’s data. Despite this decrease, the average daily global alumina production saw a slight increase, reaching 395,267 tons in November, up from 389,935 tons in October.

Regional Production Insights

  • China’s Output: Leading the global alumina production, China accounted for over 57% of the total in November, despite a 3.1% reduction from October, bringing its output to 6.8 million tons.
  • Oceania Region: This region reported a rise in production, with an increase of 19,000 tons to 1.61 million tons in November.
  • Asia (excluding China) and Africa: These regions maintained a steady production level at 1.17 million tons, unchanged from October.
  • Europe: Experienced a marginal decrease in alumina production, dropping to 551,000 tons in November from 554,000 tons in October.
  • South America: Alumina production slightly decreased to 999,000 tons in November from 1.01 million tons in October.

Global Primary Aluminium Production

Alongside alumina, global primary aluminium production also saw a downturn, falling to 5.89 million tons in November from 6.12 million tons in October.

Year-to-Date Production Comparison

Considering the January to November period, the total alumina production experienced a slight drop of 0.3%, totaling 129.89 million tons compared to 130.35 million tons during the same period last year.

Market Response

Following these production figures, the aluminium market reacted with the most-active January aluminium contract on the Multi Commodity Exchange of India rising by 2% to 211.85 rupees per kilogram. Meanwhile, the three-month futures contract on the London Metal Exchange also saw an increase of 2.3%, reaching $2,380.0 per ton. icon

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