Global Aluminum Output Rises in September, IAI Reports

Global Aluminum Output Rises in September, IAI Reports

Incremental Growth in Aluminum Production

The International Aluminum Institute (IAI) has disclosed that daily global primary aluminum output rose to an average of 195,700 tons in September 2023. This figure notches a slight increase from the 195,200 tons per day reported in the preceding month and is significantly higher than the 190,500 tons recorded in September of the previous year.

Annual Comparison Highlights Expansion

In a broader perspective, September 2023 saw the production of primary aluminum reach 5.871 million tons globally, marking an increase from the 5.716 million tons produced in the same month in 2022. This year-on-year growth underscores the industry’s expanding production capacity, even as specific regional outputs and demands continue to evolve.

These statistics serve as a critical indicator of the global aluminum sector’s health, reflecting trends that could impact prices, supply chains, and investment decisions across related industries.

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