GoldCorp to Establish Copper Cathode Production Plant in Kazakhstan by 2026

GoldCorp to Establish Copper Cathode Production Plant in Kazakhstan by 2026

GoldCorp has announced plans to construct a copper cathode production plant in the Karkaraly district of the Karaganda region, with the goal of launching the facility in 2026. The construction, set to commence in August 2024, is estimated to take 18 months. However, the company has indicated that the start and completion dates may vary based on financing.

GoldCorp is jointly owned by Prometheus Group and Evgeny Smirnov, with Prometheus Group being a part of Edgard Kremer’s portfolio. The planned plant will process oxidized ores and produce cathode copper from the Samombet deposit, located 11 km northwest of Zhanatagan village, 150 km southeast of Karaganda, and 65 km southwest of Karkaralinsk.

The company has noted that the project site is situated away from populated recreational areas, such as resorts and tourist centers, mitigating potential impacts on these locations.

Reserve Estimates and Production Capacity

The Samombet site’s operational reserves consist of 7 million tonnes of oxidized ore with an average copper content of 0.89%. Throughout its operational life, the plant is expected to produce 43.61 thousand tonnes of copper cathode. The plant’s lifespan, based on confirmed reserves, is projected to be 11 years. However, annual copper output figures have not been specified.

The site will feature various operational components, including a crushing and screening complex, a heap leaching area, storage ponds, and facilities for extraction and electrolysis processes. A block-modular boiler house with a capacity of 2400 kW, running on gas, will provide thermal energy. Water supply for the plant will initially rely on water tankers, followed by utilization of water from drilled wells. icon

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