Green Hydrogen in Transport Draws New Corporate Agreement

Green Hydrogen in Transport Draws New Corporate Agreement

In a significant move toward sustainable energy within the transport sector, Sasol, BMW, and Anglo American are set to formalize their collaboration. This alliance will focus on green hydrogen applications, marking a progressive step in reducing carbon emissions.

Collaboration for a Cleaner Future

Green hydrogen, an environmentally friendly energy derivative from water, utilizing renewable sources like solar or wind power, stands out in the battle against traditional carbon-heavy fuels. Industries notorious for their high emissions, including those in the steel, cement, and aviation sectors, are eyeing this alternative with increasing interest.

At the heart of this collaborative venture, Sasol is positioned as the primary green hydrogen supplier. Its role is crucial, catering to Anglo American and BMW’s specific needs, predominantly in transforming commercial and passenger fleets to eco-friendlier alternatives.

Additionally, it’s pertinent to highlight Anglo American’s stake in this environmental stride. Known for their substantial platinoid production, their keen interest in hydrogen energy solutions is strategic, underscoring the broader industrial implications and potential advancements in this field.

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